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‘’ Time is one of the luxurious ingredients necessary for the creation and quality of glass decoration ‘’

With a painter and sculptor for a grandfather and curious father, who loved to explore and work with different materials,  Isabelle Adragna inherited a creative and manual sensitivity. 

Following her move to Nouvelle Aquitaine, it became clear to her that these aspirations must become a reality, and so she made a career change. 

It’s quite natural that she turned to arts and crafts. They combine craftsmanship and creativity ideally suited to her needs. 

She returned to education to study the technique of stained glass for 10 months,  at the end of which she obtained her diploma. 

Subsequently glass became the material she chose to work with. 

Her desire is to bring glass into our living spaces as a decorative element, and to embed it into a contemporary aesthetic. 

Based in Bordeaux, Isabelle Adragna works in France and abroad.

She develops her own collections and also takes on projects for individuals and professionals alike. It offers them a unique, bespoke service with a contemporary graphic design. 

Isabelle Adragna allows herself to combine glass with other materials, with no limits to her creativity…. 

Surprisingly, she gives a lot of thought to the opacity of the glass, and consequently directs her research along this theme. 

Firstly, she aims to play with the opacity and translucency of glass. She also looks to combine it with other opaque pieces, such as copper and brass, echoing the refined side of glass. 

She also works on the textures, smooth for the copper and in relief for the glass in harmony with the present decoration.

When the choice of the drawing is made, a coloured sketch allows to appreciate it in a more realistic way.

Isabelle Adragna likes to experiment with the inclusion of other materials in glass decorations. Unlimited creativity, brass, marble, wood, mother-of-pearl, mirrors,… can be used.


Every project starts with a precise sketch that allows to have a first concrete idea of the rendering of the drawing.


The palette of colors and textures being infinite, their association is essential to obtain a harmonious rendering, in agreement with the ambient decoration.


Each shape drawn on the cardboard will then be cut with a specific 3-blade scissors to serve as a gauge for cutting each piece of glass.

glass cuting

The glass parts are cut and then detached one by one by hand.
Each piece is bitten using a carborundum stone to remove sharp edges and have an easy handling


Each piece of glass will be inserted in lead rods, or encircled with copper. The assembly is done in a very precise order, to ensure the solidit

weld sequence

Tin will be deposited on each intersection, on the front and back, to be solid


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